Criminal Defense Investigation


The National Legal Aid and Defender Association states, "Criminal defendants are entitled to an impartial and objective independent investigation."

Let us help you "WIN" your cases.

Our Lead Investigator, Russ Prochnow, is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator. As an impartial and objective “Advocate of the Truth,” he has helped a number of Criminal Defense Attorneys within the State of Wisconsin build a viable defense for their clients.

His philosophy of searching for the truth that is buried somewhere between the layers of evidence and witness testimony in a case, combined with a proven methodology (Investigative Process), has allowed him to uncover facts that have helped Criminal Defense Attorneys establish “Reasonable Doubt” in the minds of the Jurors.

Scene from MilwaukeeHand us the case file, tell us your timetable, and let us go to work!

(See our Confidentiality Policy)

We “guarantee” that if you hire us to investigate your case, our investigator will give it the undivided attention that it deserves, and he will use all of his considerable skills and resources to help you uncover the truth.

Certified by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council CDITC Board Certified Investigator Programs

Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersNational Association of Crinimal Defense Lawyers